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  • Welcome to Stroke Care

    Welcome to Stroke Care

    Newbury & West Berkshire

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    We are a charity created to

    Help survivors and their families

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Our Stroke Care Challenge

Our mission is to provide relief & practical support to residents of West Berkshire who have suffered the effects of a stroke, to their families and to their carers.

Our group is structured to support stroke survivors (and their families and carers) from hospital discharge through to independent living.

We provide a comprehensive programme of physiotherapy, cognitive therapy and communication therapy targeted on rehabilitation and reablement as well as confidence building. We also have the ability to listen, encourage, lend support and give friendship to you the stroke survivor, your family and your carers. We will continue to be there on a journey that can sometimes seem lonely, long and hard. Our experience over the years allows us to understand your changing needs.

Stroke Care for Newbury & West Berkshire is an independent registered charity (Charity number 1027003) with affiliation to The Stroke Association.

If you are a stroke survivor, you are not alone. We were formed to support you – please contact our Family Support Team to review what help is available.

If you are interested in becoming one of our incredible band of volunteers / helpers please contact our Family Support Officer.

Our service provision would not exist without financial support and we’d love it if you can help our funding in any way through donations or fundraising.

Our Family Support Service

Our Family Support Service is the initial point of contact for stroke survivors or their families and carers.

How does the service work?

  • We continually monitor the local hospitals for stroke survivors.
  • Either, the hospital, you, your carer or your GP can contact us for a referral.
  • We will offer information, advice and on-going support to both you, your family and your carers.
  • Our Family Support Officer will assess your suitability for our rehabilitation and reablement group at Woolhampton.
"We will listen to your concerns and problems and help you to find solutions that work for you."

Donations can be made on our Just Giving page

We welcome offers to support us with fundraising

Please contact Ruth Short  on 07824 635244